I am an Early Childhood Teacher.  I’m passionate about the importance of Early Childhood Education, literacy, and parent involvement in education.  Here you will find education insight, tips for parents, and teaching ideas!

A little bit about me…

I live in South Eastern Minnesota…(yes it gets way too cold here! But summers are nice!) My interest in becoming an EC teacher started during my senior year of high school. I volunteered at an inclusive preschool- meaning they had regular and special needs students together in the same class. I absolutely loved spending time there…I learned so much- from the kids and the teachers. So naturally, when I started college, I knew I wanted to be a teacher of young children. I started out as a substitute teacher, then moved on to working in various child care centers. After a few years of childcare, I was ready for a new challenge and became a preschool teacher for my local school district! My program is unique and so valuable. I am part of a family literacy program- parents and children learning together at the same school! How awesome is that?!  The parents come to school and attend adult classes- learning English, reading, writing, math, college prep, work on getting their GED/diploma, and more.  This gives us the great opportunity to teach parents the value and importance of parent involvement! We have parent child time daily, and the parents attend parenting classes weekly. I teach the 3 and 4 year old children. Most of our parents are English Language learners and so are their children. I enjoy getting to know the parents and learning about their cultures. I am excited to share my thoughts, tips and ideas on education through this blog!

Thank you for visiting, and happy learning!